Summer Wedding Package


For the perfect summertime wedding menu, we wanted to include vibrant colored beverages and garnishes, as well as some refreshingly cold popular summertime favorites.  The result is the menu below that will blow your guests away!  As always, you will find our prices to be refreshing as well!

Red and White Wine

This package comes with a red and white wine selection.

Bud Light and Corona w/ Lime

Corona is the ultimate summertime beer!  We serve it appropriately with a decorative lime wedge display.

Margaritas w/ Salt & Lime

The margarita is the number one cocktail in the country and is an excellent event cocktail.  We serve ours with an optional salt rim and lime wedge garnish.  We do not use store bought mixes with high fructose corn syrup and preservatives.  

Jack Daniels
Lynchburg Lemonade

Nothing is more refreshing in the summertime than lemonade, and no other whiskey represents the south better than Jack Daniels.  We combine Jack Daniels with triple sec, and our fresh/blend lemon sour.

Strawberry Wine/Sangria

Perhaps our most popular wedding drink, this signature sangria is made from fresh strawberries infused into white wine with other subtle ingredients.  We present ours with a strawberry garnish and is served over ice in a wine glass. 


Champagne Toast

We will prepare your toast at a predetermined time for a formal toast.  We will also prepare virgin toasts upon your request.

Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes
Bar Staff, Bar Station and Standard Bar Equipment

A damage waiver is built into the package price, so you will not be billed for damaged glasses.

This package includes a well staffed bar station and a supporting staff to recover glasses and cups from tables.  Premium Hospitality does not like long lines at the bar during our events, and we staff appropriately.  This package also includes rentals of our standard bar equipment needed to serve this menu appropriately.  We take presentation seriously for all events, but put an even bigger emphasis on wedding bars.  Your bar will be a part of your overall decor and we will keep it functional and organized through your reception.  We will not need anything from you, or your venue to operate our bar.

Summer Wedding Package Special Pricing


100 Guests  $1800

150 Guests  $2500

200 Guests  $3100


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