Parker Wedding

Expert Beverage Catering



We provide more than cocktails; we provide a first class experience.

At Premium Hospitality we understand that serving adult beverages is by no means a requirement for your special event. However, drinking is an ancient tradition, and when done the right way it adds to a memorable experience. If you are considering offering alcoholic drinks at your wedding, special event or corporate function, we strongly recommend using our service. We offer a professional, insured and certified bar staff that properly prepare cocktails and check IDs. When you book an event with us, you have an ally that understands the science of event bars and liquor laws. You will also gain access to our large inventory of bar related equipment and bar glassware. Whether you are in need of an efficient concessionaire, elegant wedding bar, or a fully stocked cocktail bar, we are Alabama's number one choice.

The typical Event Bar

Long Lines

Sloppy Presentation

Inexperienced "Bartenders"

Limited/Boring Menu

Inferior Ingredients/Pre Mixed "Cocktails"





The PH Event Bar

Short/No Lines

Professional Presentation

Insured & Certified Bartenders/Mixologists

Choose your menu

Quality Ingredients, Fresh Cocktails

Professional Bar Tools/Equipment

Real Bar Glassware



  • Bartenders & Waitstaff Only:                 $150 - $225 Per Staff Member
  • Dry Catering: You Provide Alcohol Starting @ $350
  • 2 Drinks Per Person Catering:          Starting @ $6.00 Per Guest
  • Open Bar Catering:                             Starting @ $10.00 Per Guest
  • Glassware Rental:                               Starting @ $1.00 Per Guest
  • Non Alcoholic Beverage Catering:   Starting @ $1.50 Per Guest